Vapour Blasting

Vapour Blasting 

Also known as Aqua Blasting, this is the only way to achieve the perfect original factory finish.The finish is achieved by a water bourne abrasive delivered at high pressure.The Vapour Blast process is much more gentle than traditional dry grit or bead blasting, resulting in no surface damage to the original components and the process leaves a sealed and almost satin-like finish which is not easily marked, is easy to clean and looks good for years.

Please note:
All components to be processed must be degreased and all parts such as bearings and bushes removed before vapour blasting can be carried out. We can do this but it will increase the cost. It’s best if you clean the components before their arrival.
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SAMPLE PRICES ( there will be a charge if parts need to eb degreased )

Motorcycle - Single Cylinder

Cylinder Head £20
Cylinder Barrel £20
Crank Case Halves £25 each

Motorcycle - Twin Cylinder

Cylinder Heads £25 each
Cylinder Barrels £25 each
Crank Case Halves £35 each

Motorcycle - Triples & Four Cylinders

Cylinder Heads £30 each
Cylinder Barrels £35 each
Crank Case Halves £55 each

Misc Motorcycle Parts

Brake Calipers £18 each
Top & Bottom Yoke £24 each
Wheel Hubs £30 each
Brake Plates £20 each
Carb Bodies Single. £20 each
Engine Side Cover. £20

Car Parts

Inlet Manifold from £25
Rocker Covers from. £25 each
Carburettors from £35
Turbo Case £30
Fuel Rail £25

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