Terms and Conditions


1. General;

Finishing hereby refers to processes used by R&S Electroplating Limited either singular or multiple such as stripping, metal polishing or electro plating to obtain the desired results for a customer. Goods, items, articles of work either a single component or dismantled into many separate components that is either given to R&S Electroplating Limited or discussed in a view to finishing by the customer will hereby be referred to as item(s).

2. Quality of work and delivery;

R&S Electroplating Limited nor its suppliers can be held responsible for any damage or dissatisfactory results caused or achieved in the process of carrying out finishing other than loss of goods or damage by negligence to item(s). All procedures, chemicals and processes applied to item(s) are done so solely at customers own risk no responsibility will be taken by way of damages to items through the finishing process. R&S Electroplating Limited makes no claims nor warranties as to the results or quality of any estimated finish or achieved result. R&S Electroplating Limited will at its own discretion offer to re-apply finishes if it believes the achieved result is substandard or below the standard that it deems acceptable based on a number of factors such as the shape, quality of metal, composition of metal, purity of metal, thickness of metal, age and condition of metal for any given item(s). Dissatisfactory results or damages must be drawn to the attention of R&S Electroplating Limited on delivery. Any dispute arising from such issues must be made to the company and in writing by post or email at its trading address within 7 days of invoice date.  R&S Electroplating Limited offers a twelve month warranty on the electroplated finish.No responsibility for damage or quality of finishing will be granted unless R&S Electroplating Limited has made a declaration of receipt of such notice in writing. R&S Electroplating Limited makes no warranty or guarantee whatsoever that item(s) will be fit for use after a finishing process has been applied. Due to the nature of metal polishing and electro plating and the subsequent alteration of surfaces through polishing and plating items of this nature are finished at the owners own risk. Customers are advised to mark any areas of item(s) that should be avoided to minimize this risk. R&S Electroplating Limited will endeavour to mask, avoid and or protect any areas that a customer has marked but makes or implies no such guarantee by nature of the process. R&S Electroplating Limitedmakes no guarantees by way of completion or delivery dates nor does it offer any compensation by way of payments or reduction of charges for claims made by customers arising from late delivery of goods. R&S Electroplating Limited will at all times ensure to the best of its ability that any "given" delivery time is met but does not warrant, guarantee such dates. Customers should make R&S Electroplating Limited aware of any deadline before requesting finishing to be carried out and do so at there own risk.

3. In transit and on site insurances;

Item(s) sent by post or courier are done so at owners own risk and customers are advised to ensure that items are properly insured and covered whilst in transit and in the possession of R&S Electroplating Limited and its suppliers. R&S Electroplating Limited can not be held responsible for damage or loss of goods in transit. R&S Electroplating Limited will not accept any responsibility for item(s) unless signed for by a recognised agent of the company or its representatives. Any item(s) sent by R&S Electroplating Limited will be done so on behalf of the customer and deemed the responsibility of the delivery agent and its insurers. R&S Electroplating Limited can not be held responsible for any claim in respect of goods stolen from its premises or motor vehicles used by the company or its employees. Any such claim will be passed to the relevant insurers and any crime reported to the police. R&S Electroplating Limited will not be held responsible for any loss or dispute arising from such claims. Any loss or damage of item(s) caused by suppliers carrying out finishing under the companies instructions are the sole responsibility of the supplier. R&S Electroplating Limited can not take responsibility for negligence, loss or theft of goods caused by suppliers of services used in the day to day running of the business or in the process of carrying out work to customers item(s). Any such claim shall be treated as the responsibility of the supplier.

4. Payment:

Payment is due on completion . Any agreement to accept a reduction of an invoice due must be agreed by R&S Electroplating Limited in writing. No verbal agreements made or suggested by any employee or representative will be binding unless made in writing by an authorised representative or employee of the company. Goods remain the property of R&S Electroplating Limited until paid for in full. Failure to make payment within 28 days may at R&S Electroplating Limiteds own discretion accrue storage charges at a rate of five percent of invoice value or Ten Pounds GBP whichever is greater per calendar month. Failure to make payment for services within 28 days of date due may result in R&S Electroplating Limited disposing of customers goods at "scrap metal" value. Customers experiencing payment problems should notify R&S Electroplating Limited and make a minimum payment arrangement of 50% of the amount due to avoid such action. R&S Electroplating Limited cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from the disposal of customers goods. R&S Electroplating Limited may at its own discretion sell bad debts to a third party company after a period of 28 days from the due date.


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