Chrome Plating Process

At R&S Electroplating  we specialise in chrome plating of car and mororcycle parts or household items like bath grips,taps etc, most items as long as they will fit on our process tanks


  1. The process starts with stripping any old chrome or paint down to the base metal using a sulphuric acid solution to remove the old nickel and chrome or a chemical stripper to remove paint etc
  2. The parts are then taken to the polishing shop where the metal is polished to remove any pitting ( depending on thickness of metal will determine how much pitting can be removed)
  3. Once polished the parts are then suspended from copper jigs or hooks using copper wire.
  4. The parts are placed in a hot soak to remove any oil,grease or polishing compound and then put through an electric cleaner which is a  cold solution and the electrical charge is passed through the tank via the copper hooks and wires to remove any oil etc that might still be present after the hot soak 
  5. Next the parts are rinsed in hydrochloric acid to etch the metal ( only on steel,copper or brass parts )
  6. Now comes the nickel plating tank where the parts are placed in from anything between 45mins and 2 hours depending on the type of part and application it is being used for
  7. The final part is the chromium process where again depending on the type of job or application is in for between 5 and 10 mins
                                                                                      Nickel Plating Tank
 Chromium Plating Tank
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