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Welcome To R&S Electroplating Limited


R&S Electroplating Limited is a family run business specialising in metal polishing,nickel and chrome plating


What can R&S Electropalting chrome for you:

Below is a few examples of parts we can chrome but don't worry if you cannot see anything that relates to your parts just fill in the request form and we will advise on whether we can chrome the item for you and if so provide a quote and a timescale

                                                               Chrome Motorcycle Parts



                   Chrome  Door Fittings                                                 Chrome Bathroom Fittings

 sfinFinishes-PolishedChrome    20001__79385_zoom



 Please feel free to check our other four websites 



Suppliers of top quality chrome fittings including plumbing and tube fittings


Specialist chrome fittings for bathrooms etc


Suppliers of brass,copper and plastic plumbing fittings